24 07 2010

Hey guys come join this new game called
And if you need cheats for it go to

Just Click It!

26 06 2010

I made a ton of amazing tanks on the pretty good game ROBLOX

Please Click The Link!

~Marz(The PieMan)


25 06 2010

Back 😛 my plane took forevz ill try to update ASAP


Help my friend win an Ipad!

9 05 2010

Everyone please help my good friend win and Ipad by going here and then clicking the thumbs up!

Click this thumbs up button:

Please Tweet and post about it, it would be much appreciated!


Hi Its Mario!

19 04 2010

Hey guys I’ve been kinda busy.At school we are going to go to D.C!If we can raise $1,500… but we are doing funraisers and it is only one class(Advanced Class) but anyways I just want you guys to go to this link:

Go on Click It!

~Mario(The PieMan)

Comment about Zerokey’s shirts!

3 03 2010

Ask to use my picture, ask to copy my picture and several copyright warnings.

zerokey goes for the best!

1 03 2010

Zerokey goes on 2 highscore list’s and lands on 1st place!!!!!!!